About Carlo


I was born on a bright and sunny Neapolitan day (don’t really know, sounds nice to say) in January 1976.  I have a background in classical studies and a degree in Civil Engineering…After completing my studies,  I have been travelling around the world on various projects… At the present time I am living in Amsterdam, but working in Milan, previously I was 3 years in London. I grew up in Naples, in a family of Doctors and I have been educated and motivated to visual arts by my father Tommaso, a passionate painter himself and my mother Chiaretta, always deeply enthusiastic to visit art museums and exhibitions.  My family has always been a very challenging and stimulating cultural environment for me and for my brother Roberto.

Who I am in life.

Well believe it or not….I am an engineer and I work in Oil and Gas as project manager. I know it sounds quite strange for a painter, an artist to be an engineer (or maybe for an engineer to be an artist)…. to unify a creative and irrational attitude to a more methodical and unyielding approach…well the fact of the matter is that this is exactly what I am…and I honestly guess that the whole story of the conflict between this 2 way of being…it’s just a cliché.

Who else am I? Well….a runner…I participated to the 2013 New York Marathon….something beyond my expectations… I am quite a social guy and I enjoy reading, movies, theatre…

What Art means to me.

Art means much more than I could ever expect in my life…..it’s a safe anchor that I use every time I feel lost or stressed for any reason. Art doesn’t only mean painting to me, but reading of art avant-gardes and visiting cities for art exhibitions….discussing of art and even watching movies on art and artists biographies.  I do not define myself as an artist, since it’s not what I really do to live, but my passion for it is so deep and developed that I couldn’t imagine of a better way to spend my time. I do have a natural talent for sharing and patience in explaining…for this reason I organize drawing and painting workshops and courses on a weekly basis to share and enrich my knowledge, I did it in London and I am doing it in Milan at the present time, with satisfactory feedbacks from the participants.