Atelier Tozzi Amsterdam – Paintings for sale from artists World wide

An updated list of paintings for sale in Atelier Tozzi Amsterdam.

Atelier Tozzi Amsterdam Event 8-9 September “Mario Loprete hip hop Art Exhibition”

Atelier Tozzi Amsterdam is proud to host the internationally recognized artist.... Mario Loprete - HipHop art Exhibition TO BE IN LINE WITH MARIO AND HIS HIP-HOP CONCEPT THE ATELIER TOZZI AMSTERDAM IS GOING TO OFFER : ✓ Live Guitar / Beatbox (vocal percussion ) ✓ Break Dance‍♀️ ✓ Live tag, graffiti ✓ Italian and International cuisine ✓ Good wine ✓ Hiphop selections ✓ Gezellig mood

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Atelier Tozzi Amsterdam Opening Event May 2018 – Presentation of new artists

26 - 27 May 2018....Opening of Atelier Tozzi Amsterdam for the first time hosting an event in Amsterdam dedicated to new artists and new possible art lovers Atelier Tozzi Amsterdam opens with a 2 days vernissage hosting the following exquisitely talented artists: Mario Loprete (Italy) ...Sofía Kasimi (Greece)....Elena De Rosa (Italy)....Maria Guida (Italy)....Raquel Poncela (Spain)....Mahtab Akhavan and Carlo Tozzi (Italy)

Atelier Tozzi Amsterdam Workshops and Event Development 2017 – 2018

Atelier Tozzi Amsterdam is an Art Laboratory born in Amsterdam from my idea as artist and curator. During the last 5 years there have been a variety of weekly workshops on painting and lectures dedicated to famous artists. Furthermore a very relaxed and stress free environment in order to express your creativity in the most efficient way. The atelier represents today a real ART STARTUP developing countless projects like the creation of an app dedicated to young artists who want to be financed and promoted.

Atelier Tozzi Amsterdam Painting Workshops and Art Lectures 2016-2017

The painting workshop experience started in London, in Milan and now brought to a complete different level in AMSTERDAM...... I still teach the basics to draw, to use charcoal....and than to paint....but this time I have exhibited the works from my artists during my vernissage....we have done lectures with art experts and tried different subjects......from live ones to studies on landscaping.....the agenda during 2017 will be even more rich of learning events such as the workshop and in museums.....outdoor painting......and approaching oil and mixed media painting. My basic group of artists have been extremely cooperative in the organization and curious to learn obtaining great results during 2016......and ready for 2017.....

Atelier Tozzi Amsterdam Vernissage 08 october 2016 in Amsterdam

An incredible event of friendship.....held in my new flat in the heart of the mokum (nickname for Amsterdam which means 'safe heaven'). A basic exhibition which included paintings from me and from my master Victor Hoefnagels. Furthermore upstairs in my atelier an exhibition including all the works done in my art workshop during the last 8 months from my fellow artists and new artists.

Workshop with kids in Pozzuoli, Naples

Lovely Christmas workshop with kids from a school in a difficult area near Naples.

Exhibition in Madrid 2011 “Pinturas Para Mi Padre”

My personal exhibition in Madid, Chuega....dedicated to my beloved father...

Workshop with kids in Secondigliano, Naples

The stunning experience of a full day paint workshop with kids from 4 to 10 years old.

Atelier for Friends in London and Milan

A fantastic way to spend time and to show people that art, at certain levels, is not only meant for naturally talented people. Anyone can try and the results of my courses and workshops have been really impressive to me.