Atelier for Friends in London and Milan

 A fantastic way to spend time and to show people that art, at certain levels, is not only meant for naturally talented people. Anyone can try and the results of my courses and workshops  have been really impressive to me.
I have started this great experience in London, home and decided to try it in Milan and, so far…so good….
I just teach the basics to draw, to use charcoal….and than to paint….

 My golden rules are 2…the following:
1. Painting is a fantastic occasion to learn to be patient….to wait…take your time…and prevale on problems….
2. Painting is what we see…and what we see just passes through our eyes and not through our brain….so dont let your ratio influence your point of view….
3. Once we are able to reproduce exacly what we see…its now the time to give your own point of view….so start using your heart….

 Art has never been a social discipline, but this type of approach, including wine, music and food….makes it lovely and social for anyone….

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