Atelier Tozzi Amsterdam Vernissage 08 october 2016 in Amsterdam

My first vernissage in my beloved home town Amsterdam.

An incredible event of art….love….food….and friendship…..held in my new flat in the heart of the mokum (nickname for Amsterdam which means ‘safe heaven’).

A basic exhibition which included paintings from me and from my master Victor Hoefnagels.

Furthermore upstairs in my atelier an exhibition including all the works done in my art workshop during the last 8 months from my fellow artists and new artists.

We had a cello player and a vocalist to make the atmosphere even more enjoyable…..

Food was great and the people….almost 80 from all Europe……. have been enjoying the paintings and the party …….a lot!!!

A lecture from  my master and many other celebrations…..all done in a  very relaxed mood with great vibration…..and positive energy….

Next Year again……

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