Workshop with kids in Secondigliano, Naples

 The stunning experience of a full day paint workshop with kids from 4 to 10 years old.

 During Christmas, with the help of my mother, I decided to organize a full day workshop dedicated to kids from Secondigliano, a very underdeveloped and depressed area located within the suburbs of my city.

 In this area the local authorities and government are completely absent and the families and kids are completely abandoned and have to deal every day with criminal organizations and the drug cartels.

 The conditions in which we could perform the workshop where not ideal: we had to use a small room part of a Church and most of the kids had to paint on the floor. I bought colors, papers and an enormous canvas of 5 x 3 meters.

 The workshop started with some basic studies on primary colors and went one with drawing and painting on this huge  canvas on which the kids could draw free from any space limitation thus they could give full expression to their creativity.….surprisingly the kids have not been scared by the dimensions of the canvas,….they just went crazy on it!!!

 …. The day was really successful and for this I have to thank  my cousin Riccardo and his wife and especially the gentleman who made it possible,  father Walter, a lovely priest who works everyday with this kids in this dangerous area. Church is, possibly, the only organization present and helping in Secondigliano.

 I can easily admit that I have received much more than I have given.
I could explore the capability of kids to let go in a natural way their  pure subconscious by drawing whatever passed through their young brains.
The results have been really stimulating and the kids where covered in paint and that was really funny. Artists in the centuries have tried hard to arrive to a kind of internal or subjective representation of reality. They developed it with expressionism, cubism and abstract in general… the kids in 2 hours unleashed everything they had inside and with no filters of any kind …. Representing reality without any filter connected to objectivity.

 In other words representing life directly from our internal without any interference….

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